What Your Photos Need.

What Your Vision Deserves. 

Your unique and vibrant vision defines your photographs. TruLife™ Acrylic brings your vision to life through face mounting or direct print application and is the best way to display your photo.

 Anti-reflectivenearly invisible when face- or second-surface mounted 
 Vibrant colors, depth, and clarity
 Contemporary look
• Abrasion resistance  
Anti-static properties to minimize dust
 Lightweight—half the weight of glass
• 99% UV protection  
 Shatter resistant  
 Cleans like glass—without special acrylic cleaners



See your image, not your reflection. TruLife™ is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating which virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics.

Vivid Colors

Colors as vivid as real life.
TruLife™ Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98 percent of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy.
It also offers 99 percent UV Protection that helps protect your photo from fading.


Tough and Durable

Tough, durable , anti-static, and scratch-resistance. Unlike other acrylics which attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife™ is anti-static and scratch-resistant. It offers up to 20 times the protection against minor scratches compared to traditional acrylic and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning. 


"TruLife™ Acrylic creates a nearly invisible viewing surface, which allows my artistic vision for the scene to be interpreted clearly. " (Legendary nature photographer
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What is Face Mounting

Face mounting jolts our expectation.

As a viewing public, we have grown accustomed to photographs presented in a certain way. Acrylic face mounting presents a completely different look for photographs—contemporary, sleek, direct.

Face mounting is a process where you apply a clear adhesive to the face of a print and adhere the print to acrylic. Once the print is adhered, a second material sandwiches the print. 

The result? 

As photographer Thomas D. Mangelson states, face mounting to acrylic “allows my artistic vision for the scene to be interpreted clearly.” 

Face mounting to acrylic allows excellent light transmission, which makes whites whiter, blacks blacker, and all the colors in between pop. 


Face mounting eliminates the space between a photograph and the glass, which immediately eliminates  multiple light-reflecting surfaces. This single surface results in a crystal-clear image.  

Acrylic transmits up to 92 percent of visible light. TruLife™ Acrylic has been formulated to transmit 98 percent of light. Light transmission is part of the reason that colors of a face-mounted photograph seem to be lit by a hidden light source. Increasing light transmission by a mere 6 percent may not seem substantial, but each percentage point closer to 100 percent transmission has an almost exponential effect on the colors and texture of the final piece.   


"With the addition of TruLife™, the overall aesthetics of each print are increased dramatically, providing spectacular results never before seen. With the added benefits of an anti-reflective, abrasion resistant coating, as well as 99% UV protection and anti-static properties, there is no better photographic display method available today." (Official Diasec® licencee and support
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Need more clarity? We've got answers. 

    • What is TruLife™ Acrylic?

TruLife™ Acrylic is a revolutionary acrylic, developed specifically for face/second surface mounting and direct printing. It delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience, to truly reflect an artist’s vision, and nothing else. TruLife provides vibrant colors as vivid as real life and captures the details in incredible depth and clarity to show photographs as they were meant to be viewed.

    • How scratch resistant is TruLife™ Acrylic?

Tough and durable TruLife™ Acrylic has a high performance, transparent coating which makes it 20 times more resistant against minor scratches compared to uncoated or regular acrylic. 

  • How can TruLife™ Acrylic enhance the colors of my photo?

With TruLife ™, colors are as vivid as real life.  TruLife™ Acrylic will not change the colors in your photograph, but it will give you the best accuracy of the colors in your photo – as seen through the lens of your camera.  TruLife provides life-like colors, along with depth and clarity to every photograph. 

  • Tell me about the anti-static features of TruLife? 

TruLife™ anti-static properties actually exceed that of glass and is engineered to dissipate static charges. Independent tests show that our coated high-performance glazing products are up to 2000 times more anti-static than regular acrylic. TruLife™ does not attract dust, which minimizes cleaning. So you can spend less time dusting and more time doing what you love—taking amazing photos.

  • Why is UV protection important?

Without at least 97 percent UV protection, photos will age and fade more rapidly.  Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to color loss. These effects are both cumulative and irreversible. Once damage from light has occurred, it can never be reversed. That is why it is important to understand what you can do to minimize this type of damage before it happens.

  • How does anti-reflective glass and acrylic reduce reflections?

The thin film, transparent coatings on TruLife™ Acrylic disrupt the energy contained in light waves causing them to flow out of sync. This disrupted wave pattern virtually eliminates all reflection from the acrylic surface.

  • Where to find technical info and to learn more about the science behind TruLife™?

Visit our TruLife Solutions Page

How do you clean TruLife™ Acrylic?

TruLife™ Acrylic cleans easily, just like glass. No special acrylic cleaners are needed. Just spot-clean with a dry lint-free or micro-fiber cloth by wiping in a soft, circular motion. When needed, use a non-ammonia glass cleaner.  

  • Questions about TruLife™ Acrylic

If you have any questions about TruLife™ Acrylic, please contact our Customer Service Team @ 1-800-621-8339 or

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How is TruLife™ Acrylic different from regular acrylic?

For starters, TruLife™ is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating, so you see your photo, and not your reflection.

• It virtually eliminates distracting reflections and annoying glare associated with other acrylics.

• TruLife™ also offers 99 percent UV Protection to help protect your photo from fading. 

• Unlike other acrylics, TruLife™ is abrasion resistant and doesn’t scratch easily.  TruLife offers up to 20 times more protection against minor scratches compared to traditional acrylic, and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning. 

• Speaking of cleaning, TruLife™ dissipates static charge compared to regular acrylic, so it doesn’t attract dust while on display. On the rare occasion you do have to clean it, it cleans like glass, which means no special acrylic cleaner.
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Is Face Mounting Right For You?

Photographers always consider the best methods for presenting their photos. Presentation methods are an integral and inherent aspect of the viewer experience. 

Good photography presentation can make bad art look good.
And poor photography presentation can make good art look bad…very bad.

How many of your photographs would benefit from the vibrancy of acrylic face mounting?
Here is a face mounting benefits checklist to help determine if and when this process is right for you:

• Frameless and mat-less style is congruent with your photo.
• Vivacity of saturated colors would benefit the composition.
• Crystal clearness would enhance the photo.
• Contemporary feel parallels the feel of the photograph.
• The immediacy of face mounting is advantageous to your piece.
• You like the look of displayed art slightly standing off the display wall.
• Photograph is in a high traffic area and safety is a concern.
• The light that seems to play off the acrylic would maximize the photograph’s appeal. 

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